Sometimes we need great tools beyond Visual Studio and the cloud.  Here is an ongoing list of the best stuff:

Agent Ransack

Agent Ransack is what Windows Search dreams of being.  It's the best way to search through files in a folder structure.  Trying to find a specific order in an endless sea of XML files? Ransack it.  Trying to find instances of D365 code in your Dev VM? Point Ransack to PackagesLocalDirectory, or a specific model [folder] of your choice.

Can be found at:


WinMerge is great at two things, which I really consider one thing – the differencing and merging files and folders.  You probably rarely have to do this one thing, but when you do, you'll thank whatever you thank for open source software.

Can be found at:


The best text editor.

Can be found at: t


Test your APIs.

Can be found at:


The best in web debugging; install it on your Dev VM.  You can also test your APIs.

Can be found at:

Sudden Coffee

Not downloadable, but it could save your life.  You will inevitably find yourself in a professional scenario with no good coffee to be found.  Be prepared.

Can be found at: